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Six Easy Steps to Get Started!

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Product Requirements and Feasibility

We work with our clients to identify product specifications that are aligned with our manufacturing capability. Based on this analysis and collaboration our engineers can determine the best path forward for an existing lighting design, modifications to a current model, or begin developing a new product design.


Mechanical and Electronic Design

The complete design is first created with all specifications using state of the art 3D CAD software by our engineering team. From these images and specifications we begin the manufacturing process needed for all materials and components.


Prototype & Testing

Each new product begins with a prototype sample made from the design specifications. This prototype is then used for initial quality and performance testing. Modifications are made as needed prior to pilot production.


Assembly Method and Process Sheets

The engineering teams work with all manufacturing departments to develop the most efficient assembly methods and create process flow documentation. At this stage we can provide preliminary cost estimates and minimum order quantities.


Pilot Production and Product Cost

Once all component specifications are clarified and defined by the prototype sample and the assembly process documentation is clear we begin pilot production. We then are able to provide a final quotation to our clients.


Certification Tests

After the pricing is approved by our customer and the initial purchase order is placed we produce packaging based on the direction of the client. Electrical certification is secured and we provide a firm ship date of first production.

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